Champagne Pink
Champagne Pink
Champagne Pink

Champagne Pink

$ 175.00

So you messed this one up and she could have been the one and you probably have three choices: mourn over what you'll never have, find someone new, or go back to your wife waiting for you on netflix and drown your sorrows in yoga pants.

Problem solved. 


  • perfect for the South of France hoping your wife doesn't get back at you with the hot soccer dad who can't stop staring at her
  • or drinking a glass of whiskey (which gets better with age as your date asks you what you haven't done yet and three days later you can't find an answer
  • or a really innocent walk in the park mid afternoon overlooking the Manhattan skyline returning your Banana Republic khakis
  •  Dah-ling this is called Salmon when men wear Pink
  • silver gun chic buttons
  • silk shantung with a welt an patch pocket which is unique
  • made in New York